Doing Good for Your Community

doing good

Most businesses have a philanthropy that involves giving back to the community or an organization that they share a connection with. Whether it is supporting a nonprofit organization or donating to a cause, there are an unlimited number of ways your business can do good this holiday season. Community involvement can improve an organization’s relationship […]

Southern Cross Media LLC Named a 2021 Top SEO Firm in Florida by Clutch

We are your digital marketing agency founded in 2016, passionate about helping you find your creative voice. We have a total of 30 years of combined experience in website development, branding, strategy and internet marketing. We aim to provide excellent value, quality products, reasonable pricing, attention to detail, and great customer service. Our diverse team […]

Linktree! What is that?!

Linktree is a media management tool for sharing links to different websites, articles, or social profiles. Specifically, Linktree is the way of connecting followers from one platform to another. Linktree allows you to include one link anywhere on your social profile. Many users put this link in their “bio.” From this one link, any follower […]

Digital Trends To Enhance Law Firm Marketing

Flexibility and diversification are key to igniting the growth of your law practice. As market dynamics change, consumers want more simplicity and convenience in their interactions with businesses. Result-based marketing techniques can generate quality leads and make your practice profitable. In this article, we will highlight compelling ways to kickstart your marketing campaign and increase […]

Be Unique. Use Business Hashtags!

Using a Hashtag Hashtags are keywords that aid search engine optimization across social media platforms. This tool can be valuable to any business because hashtags give businesses the ability to increase the reach of their posts to not just their followers but other users on that social platform. For example, any user who shares a […]

Tips for Working with LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a professional network, a social media platform that allows you to connect and network with possible business partners or competitors, current and potential employees. The platform is a way to share professional knowledge, news, and insights or what your business can bring to the table. Often LinkedIn is seen as […]

Is it time for your business to get on TikTok?

Looking for a place to show people what your business is all about? To go further than just explaining what it is your organization can do? It’s time to start using TikTok! What is TikTok?  TikTok is an audio and visual social media platform that allows users to share short video clips. Many of these […]

How Can Local Service Ads Help My Business?

What are Google’s Local Service Ads and how do they work? If you’ve heard of Google Ads, then you might be familiar with their PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, where you pay for every click on your featured website. PPC charges you whether a conversion is completed, or a lead is formalized, or not. While […]

Is Your Teen on Omegle?

Omegle is a platform used to speak to strangers. Their tagline is literally ‘talk to strangers!’. According to the AACAP (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry), ninety percent of teens ages 13-17 have used social media. And, while most social media is an excellent way for kids to stay connected with their friends, especially […]

E-Mail Marketing Success with Newsletters

A digital newsletter is a popular component of an effective marketing strategy. A well-executed newsletter conveys a substantial amount of information, helps drive traffic to your website, and creates awareness about your brand. Consumers today are pressed for time and overwhelmed by vast amounts of e-mail messages. A newsletter conveys information on promotions, company news, […]