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Charles Kiester

Co-Founding partner

Our co-founding partner Charles Kiester serves meals prepared by All Saints Church to women and children at the Coalition for the Homeless in downtown Orlando.
As an active member of his church, Charles also helps with the Love Wins program which purchases non perishable food from Second Harvest that is boxed up then delivered to needy families in the community.

Charles Keister, Partner, Southern Cross Media
Tom Fritchek, Partner, Southern Cross Media

Tom Fritchek

Co-Founding partner

Our co-founding partner, Tom Fritchek, is active in fund raising as President of the Eastridge High School Band, and donated a free web site created by Southern Cross Media.
He recently was proactive in alerting Lake County, Florida officials to animal abuse which resulted in 5 horses being rescued and saved from starvation.

Giving Back to the Community

Holiday Donation

Clermont Health & Rehab Center 

On November 16, 2020, Southern Cross Media staff and co-owner Tom Fritchek delivered gifts for the nursing home residents at the Clermont Health and Rehabilitation Center in Clermont, Florida. These items will be distributed at an annual holiday party for the institutionalized residents, most of whom have been unable to have visitors for most of this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. We are glad to be part of the giving community and hope this will bring some joy to the residents as they celebrate the holiday.

Eastridge High School

Tom Fritchek, SCM Co-Founder
President of the EHS Marching Band

Eastridge High School

The Lifeboat Project

The Lifeboat Project brings victims of human trafficking
from the raging storm to a safe port as survivors.

The Lifeboat Project


LCBA Title Sponsor for the Annual Golf Tournament

LCBA logo

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Our co founders, Tom Fritchek and Charles Kiester, spent nearly 30 years in the corporate world until one day they realized, “We can do this better!” They found that small business owners often feel the customer service from large corporate entities is lacking, and that they could create a company that speaks to what businesses want. So, Southern Cross Media was born with an eye toward providing excellent value, quality products, reasonable pricing, attention to detail, and great customer service by a small, locally owned company.

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