Content is easily the most important aspect of your website or social media page. 100% of your website, social media pages, and advertisements are made up of content. If the content you are feeding your audience is not relevant or engaging, then you will lose more customers than you gain. Putting together an effective content strategy is an integral part in creating a successful business. Through this process, we will analyze the content that has had a positive impact on your customers, and we will use this information to create new and relevant content. Our content wizards have ample experience strategizing and implementing textual and visual tools that are guaranteed to have a positive impact on users

Southern Cross Media|Content Strategy

Online Advertising

While traditional offline advertising is used by many companies to drive customers to their websites, many businesses are trying online ads (such as banners, pay-per-click ads, pay-per-call ads and pop ups) in e-newsletters, on compatible websites, on search engines and in online versions of newspapers and magazines as a way of reaching people who use the internet for shopping or to gather information.

One of the major factors that search engines like Google take into account when ranking businesses is the inclusion of content that is relevant and up-to-date.


The inclusion of a blog on your business’ website is essential for a successful marketing plan. Blogs are used to educate existing or potential customers about your brand or business, and will help your business climb the ranks in SEO. One of the major factors that search engines like Google take into account when ranking businesses is the inclusion of content that is relevant and up-to-date…
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Social Media Management

Like every other online aspect of your business, your social media pages should be updated multiple times a week and should include content that is relevant and new. Social posts on sites like Facebook or Twitter should be concise, straightforward, and educational to some degree to score points for engagement…
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Southern Cross Media|Content Strategy


We create your image, your vision, and your message on video. You may have heard the expression that a picture is worth 1,000 words; well, we say a Video is worth 10,000 words. More than 100 million Internet users watch online video each day, and 90% of online shoppers say that video helps when making purchasing decisions. The marketing videos we create for our clients increase brand awareness and create emotional connections with customers. They’ve also proven to reduce bounce rates, boost SEO efforts, and increase sales volume…
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Online Advertisements / Pay Per Click

Advertisements and pay-per-click campaigns for your business should remain consistent with your brand narrative and speak directly to your customers. Ads are often short and sweet, and can either rely on relevant imagery or text to get a point across. Integrating relevant advertisement campaigns across the web will build interest in your brand and positively affect traffic and engagement…
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Web Design and Development

Ensuring that your website is accessible from all devices will greatly increase your traffic.
You want to avoid customer frustration at all costs, so don’t allow potential customers to become impatient with a website that is not being responsive to a particular platform.
Having a website that is not accessible from certain devices like smartphones or tablets will prevent users from easily being able to find information they are seeking about your business.
It will immediately have a negative effect on your customers as well as your conversion rates…
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