Lawyers: Marketing Tools For Your Firm’s Website

Any business that wishes to be competitive in the online or offline market must have a professional website

If used properly, your law firm’s website can become a powerful marketing tool!
This post highlights five of the best additions for law firm websites to help site optimization, increase the number of visitors, and ultimately generate more client leads online.

1. Spam Free Blog Commenting

A great feature to add to any law blog.
Well-written blogs engage readers and make them feel like part of a community.
Law blogs in particular benefit from this because their readers are likely to have legal questions that they want answers.
The great thing about Spam Free Blog Comments is that it requires people to post comments from a social media profile like Facebook or Twitter, so you’ll be more likely to get genuine comments from readers with questions (AKA your prospective clients), and less likely to get unwanted spams.

2. Email Lists Via Popups

If you have blog functionality on your site, you would be wise to work on your email list.
Building a strong email list is the number one key to online marketing.
You should be collecting emails via “popups” from your blog visitors and sending out newsletters with updates from your law firm.
Popups can increase blog sign ups by as much as 600%.

3. Share Links On All Your Posts and Pages

Sharing your articles on social media is an excellent way to get more visitors to your law firm website.
It helps you engage with your target audience across all your social media channels and boosts your SEO.
The point is, you need to share and encourage sharing on all your content.
Put share links on all your posts and pages, and it makes it easy for your readers to share to almost any social network you can imagine.
Add a “related content” feature to encourage your readers to read more than just the page they landed on.

4. Booking Calendar

Along with a contact form, another great way to encourage your website visitors to contact you is to have an easy way for them to book a consultation.
A Booking Calendar is a very powerful tool to help book consultations with your prospective clients and will decrease bounce rates if easily accessible and readily available.

5. Client Reviews

Client reviews are an excellent way to establish your credibility to your website visitors.
In addition, more and more people are looking for lawyer reviews online before making a hiring decision.
You can collect reviews from clients and have them displayed on your law firm’s website.
Incoming reviews can be monitored so you can filter out any that you don’t like.

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