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Digital Trends To Enhance Law Firm Marketing

Flexibility and diversification are key to igniting the growth of your law practice. As market dynamics change, consumers want more simplicity and convenience in their interactions with businesses. Result-based marketing techniques can generate quality leads and make your practice profitable. In this article, we will highlight compelling ways to kickstart your marketing campaign and increase your consumer leads and conversions.

Search Engine Optimization
Technology is evolving exponentially, and the digital experience is all about capturing the consumer’s attention. As a result, online presence is a crucial variable that can affect the success of most modern law firms. Ranking high on search engines is a race to the top to dominate the local legal market and capture internet search leads.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has the most impact on your online presence and search engine visibility. The formula for success includes staying current with dynamic search engine algorithms and ensuring compliance with technical industry standards. Consumers utilize both mobile and desktop devices when searching for services or products online. It is reported that 48% of users believe that a business whose website is not mobile-friendly is an inept and careless business.

Other relevant aspects of SEO can affect online presence, including:

• Website speed, coding, internal link structure, and content are examples of the data used to drive search engine rankings. For instance, a one-second delay in a web page speed can decrease conversions by 7%.
• A new ranking factor being introduced in 2021 is the Google Page Experience. Website pages will have a Page Experience score based on Core Web Vitals: page speed, loading performance, visual stability, interactivity, mobile-friendliness, mobile pop-ups, interstitials, and website security. Using the correct tools to analyze Core Web Vitals is critical to optimize the web experience. For law firms, it is essential to assess and improve the performance of your website moving forward.

Legal Directories
Creating an online presence in legal directories plays an important role in promoting and growing a practice. Legal directories provide an avenue for consumers to explore attorneys in their geographical area, and they can be used as a strategy for achieving a stream of direct leads. In addition, legal directories add SEO authority by providing backlinks to your website, a highly influential factor in Google search rankings. A law firm has a more comprehensive presence on the internet and consumer credibility when affiliated with various authoritative legal directories.

A proprietary evaluation metric called Domain Rating (DR) ranks a website’s authority scale from 0 to 100. Domain rank provides an analysis of a backlink profile. High DR directories are the best websites to use to earn links for SEO. Advantages of lawyer’s directories besides lead generation and visibility are earning reviews. Additionally, some legal directories permit attorneys to publish legal articles on their websites. A recent poll reported that nearly a third of their respondents utilized lawyer’s directories when they needed legal services.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is taking the legal industry by storm due to its ability to generate a high volume of search engine traffic. Videos provide an opportunity to showcase the unique features of a law firm and how they can help potential clients. It is estimated that firms that have videos on their website are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google. Today’s consumers want personalization and engagement with the legal professionals they hire. Consumers are more likely to engage with videos than written content, and videos demonstrate credibility and authority. Researchers report that almost 500 million hours of video are watched every day.

Video marketing plays a unique role in marketing a law firm’s brand. Having videos on a website provides prolonged consumer engagement, which helps the page rank higher for search engines. Studies show that a video holds consumers’ attention for approximately two minutes longer than reading content. Additionally, 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos every week. Videos can be shared on many different platforms, including social media, which provides an excellent opportunity for brand awareness. Videos may be created for educational purposes, client testimonials, case studies, or promotional advertising. Videos that discuss frequently asked questions (FAQs) are among the most popular videos created by attorneys.

Vlogs are video blogs created for sharing thoughts, insights, personal opinions, upcoming events, or tutorial guides. Vlogging offers a personal touch and an opportunity to interact with your target audience. For greater outreach, vloggers often use special effects such as greenscreens or animation in their videos. Video marketing is among the most up-and-coming tools attorneys are utilizing to grow their practice.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media is here to stay. It is a powerful communication tool that law firms should embrace to remain relevant and connected with their target audience. A survey completed in 2018 reported that 35% of law firms surveyed gained clients through social media. Additionally, 42% reported increased conversion rates through social media marketing. In addition, it is an avenue for legal professionals to stay informed about the activities of competing law firms.

Social media platforms attract distinct audiences. Therefore, law firms must tailor the content they publish accordingly. Facebook is currently the most popular social media site globally. The reach of a Facebook post or video can increase exponentially. LinkedIn is the most favored site for legal professionals. It showcases a professional’s previous work history and education, relevant experience, current occupation, and career awards or highlights. This information builds credibility, and sharing it on social media platforms can increase referrals for potential clients. By learning the nuances of each social media platform, you will diversify your social marketing efforts to a maximum growth potential.

Google Local Service Ads

Another successful inbound marketing strategy in 2021 is the advent of Google’s Local Service Ads. This service for the legal community helps potential clients connect with attorneys in their geographical area. Participating in Local Service Ads gives attorneys prime search engine real estate, appearing on the top of Google. Additionally, as attorneys are Google screened, it gives potential clients confidence that Google has vetted the attorney they choose to contact. Attorneys accepted in Google Local Service Ads have had a background screening process, verification of law license/bar number, and proof of insurance. Each lawyer’s ad is connected to a Google My Business address, having at least one client review and a score of at least 3.0/5. It is a cost-per-lead program. A law firm only pays a fee to Google when a client generates an inquiry regarding one of their practice areas. An added advantage is that a law firm can set a budget for the placement of ads. This gives the practice complete control of how much they want to spend.

Finding That Competitive Edge

A tailored legal marketing strategy is the roadmap to a law firm’s success. By utilizing the power of the internet, you can increase not just the quantity of leads, but the quality of leads. Increasing the quality of cases can cause you to generate more revenue while working the same hours. The core message of your plan should speak to the legal and personal needs of potential clients. Website development, branding, SEO strategies, and other internet marketing tactics drive a law firm’s visibility on the internet. Leveraging technology to engage the right audience facilitates growth and prosperity to increase revenue. While client referrals can grow your practice, it is best to be proactive and embrace technology to give your law firm the competitive edge.

Be Unique. Use Business Hashtags!

Using a Hashtag

Hashtags are keywords that aid search engine optimization across social media platforms. This tool can be valuable to any business because hashtags give businesses the ability to increase the reach of their posts to not just their followers but other users on that social platform. For example, any user who shares a post, story, or poll with a hashtag will appear as a recent post made for any other user searching or following that hashtag.

A Magic-Number of #Hashtags?
When it comes to using a hashtag, it can be hard to understand how many different keywords need to be used per post. Technically there is no exact number of hashtags that will guarantee any user more views, likes, or follows on a post. However, many influencers and top users on social platforms believe that posts need to have the ideal number of hashtags to get the most engagement.

According to an article published by Bustle, users are allowed a maximum of 30 hashtags on a social platform like Instagram. Yet, a cluster of keywords on a post does not always look visually appealing and again does not guarantee that the post will receive engagement from the online community. In addition, there have been studies revealing that the number of hashtags you or your business needs to use per post is unique to your social media.

The only way to understand how many hashtags you need to use is by testing out hashtags in posts. But there are clever ways of doing this.

Using hashtags without appearing overdramatic.

Like all things Instagram, hashtags should try to be visually appealing. Shorter posts should use a shorter number of keywords. Having more hashtags than the writing content on a post can appear as an imbalance and keep users from viewing, liking, or sharing posts with too many hashtags. There are even ways to use more hashtags without showing them.

Many users on Instagram comment on their post with either an emoji or something visually appealing to the post and then reply to that comment using a series of hashtags. Here is an example in this video posted by @claireliz_ on TikTok:

Additionally, a great way to increase views on Instagram posts is by sharing a photo or recent post to a story and listing the hashtags behind the image. on TikTok shared a tutorial on how to hide hashtags while boosting views to posts. Watch how it is done here:

Aside from hiding hashtags, all the hashtagged words have to adapt to the environment in which they are presented. Whether it be Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or Facebook, hashtags must be relevant to what you are posting about. Keywords should relate to what you are posting about, who you are posting with, and the atmosphere of the post itself. Take advantage of quirky holidays, media hijacking, popular trends, and working with other brands online.

Importance of #Hashtags

The goal of posting content online is to increase engagement on social media platforms between you and other users online and interact with people who want to work with your business. Social platforms are all about being a part of the community you want to engage with.

Making posts relatable to your followers and your followers’ followers shows you are active in the community. A hashtag can be the gateway to interacting with users in your local, state, and global community online.

Speak with a member of our team at Southern Cross Media to formulate the best hashtags for your business to use. Let us be the voice your business needs to engage in the online community. Building the right number of hashtags is just one thing that can enhance your business’ presence online. Our services include pay-per-click marketing, blog services, web design, and more! Fill out our contact form or call us at (321) 351 – 4054.

Is it time for your business to get on TikTok?

Looking for a place to show people what your business is all about? To go further than just explaining what it is your organization can do? It’s time to start using TikTok!

What is TikTok? 

TikTok is an audio and visual social media platform that allows users to share short video clips. Many of these clips feature special effects or sounds created by artists or other users on the platform.

What makes TikTok unique?

TikTok allows any business to show an up-close and personal version of their organization on a social platform. A business can take advantage of a visual platform by showing potential clients what an experience would be like at their organization.

Now is the time to share what your company can do directly through a current customer or current employee’s eyes. Do this by telling a story! Take the testimonial off the page and onto the camera.

Better yet! Show future customers how amazing your team is! Give a “backstage look” at what employees do when they are not with the client.

Wait! There is one catch… 

Video posts made on the application can be, at most, a minute long! The majority of videos shared are about 15 seconds long. The key to a successful post on TikTok is creating content that will grab a viewer’s attention and fast.

You want your company’s videos to get featured on a user’s “for you page,” which can be considered a user’s homepage. TikTok uses an algorithm to share content with the users similar to videos they have liked, viewed, or commented on previously in the application. Producing content that will make it onto a “for you page” will increase the number of views on your organization’s posts.

Why use TikTok?

TikTok has around 80 million users on the application, and more than half of those users range from ages 16-24 in the United States. TikTok is a way to connect with a demographic that predominately receives their information from social media. TikTok is also a platform that breaks down walls between you and your audience.

TikTok has a feature called “duet,” where any user can react to another user’s post. Your clients can confirm to the public that your organization is achieving its mission. You even have the ability for your business’ TikTok to react to customer posts about your services.

TikTok is popular right now because it is booming with different creators. The application is all about showing what it is you can do through unique content.

Some of the most popular creators on the social platform are known for their dance videos and storytelling. However, businesses are taking advantage of TikTok, from looking for new hires to sharing videos based on their skill sets. Now is the time to grow a following with the users of TikTok and generate content about your organization!

Contact Southern Cross Media to discuss how to transition into TikTok or generate creative content. Let us be the unique voice your business is searching for. Our services also include pay-per-click marketing, blog services, and web design. Call us today at 321-351-4054 



How Can Local Service Ads Help My Business?

What are Google’s Local Service Ads and how do they work?

If you’ve heard of Google Ads, then you might be familiar with their PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, where you pay for every click on your featured website. PPC charges you whether a conversion is completed, or a lead is formalized, or not. While this type of advertising generates traffic to your website, which is great in many industries such as E-commerce, it may not be as valuable to a business that relies on less actual traffic and more of an individual, one-on-one type appointment. This is where LSA’s, or Local Services Ads come in. LSA’s only charge per actually established lead! That’s right! If you are a small service business or law firm, medical office, etc., you can be turning your hard-earned advertising dollars into real leads, and not just accidental clicks and tire-kickers.

So how does Google determine what constitutes a lead? By a series of specific occurrences, such as:

  • You receive a text message or email from the customer.
  • You receive a voicemail from the customer.
  • You answer a phone call and speak with the customer.

Google does try to filter any contacts that aren’t real leads, and you are able to dispute and request a credit in situations like:

  • The caller hangs up
  • The location isn’t in your profile
  • Wrong numbers
  • Automated recordings and spam calls
  • The service isn’t on your profile

So, how much do you pay per lead? That is determined by both your industry and your business location. A heavily populated area, with a heavy presence of your industry, would cost more than a small town with little competition.

Besides only paying for actual leads, being in the LSA program gives your business the ‘Google Screened’ checkmark. This gives potential customers the peace of mind that your business has been screened, background checked, and verified for legitimacy by Google themselves!

So if LSAs are starting to sound like a great program for you to join, but you don’t have the time or patience to manage your LSA’s, let the expert team at Southern Cross Media turn your advertising dollars into real leads. Give one of our experts a call at (321)351-3700 and visit us at

Is Your Teen on Omegle?

Omegle is a platform used to speak to strangers. Their tagline is literally ‘talk to strangers!’.

According to the AACAP (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry), ninety percent of teens ages 13-17 have used social media. And, while most social media is an excellent way for kids to stay connected with their friends, especially during this time of COVID-19, an increasingly popular platform, Omegle, is attracting more and more teens by the day. Below, we will discuss what Omegle is and how to ensure your teen’s safety while using this platform.

What is Omegle?

Omegle is a social platform that was launched in 2005, with the video chat portion introduced in 2009. Omegle uses the terms ‘you’ and ‘stranger’ for users and whom they are talking to (there is no personal information shared on-screen by Omegle), with ‘strangers’ being able to verbally share whatever information they choose, while video or text chatting. Omegle is not an app; it is a website that does not ask for any verification of age or proof of who a person is, and can be accessed easily on any desktop or mobile device with internet capabilities. Omegle does, however, record every IP address, their computer’s generated ID tag, and video and chat conversations. Everything that the users disclose about themselves is archived on the website’s servers for about four months.

Why, as a Parent, Should I be Considered About Omegle?

Teens are at that certain age where they feel both invincible and very trusting. They are also headstrong and feel savvy to the world’s ways but are more naive than they would like to believe. This combination may lead to a teen being manipulated to indulge personal information and/or meet up with strangers from Omegle without you even knowing about it. Your teen can never really know whom they are talking to – as in any person on the internet could say they are anyone or anything. The home page states that a user must be 18+ to use or 13-17 years old with parental consent, and as stated on the home page of Omegle; ‘By using Omegle, you accept the terms at the bottom, -and- ‘you must be 18+ or 13+ with parental permission’. This does little to deter teen use. Omegle does have a disclaimer on the home page that says, ‘Predators have been known to use Omegle, so please be careful.’

What Can I Do to Help Protect My Teen?

Of course, we know we can’t hover over our children 24/7. They need to know they can be trusted to make grown-up decisions while practicing speaking to new people who share common interests on video chat. But we should have conversations with our teens and even tweens about internet safety. Kids should be made to feel comfortable coming to us with questions and concerns about mature content they will most inevitably find while exploring Omegle and the rest of the internet. Omegle does include a helpful link on their home page for parents to explore parental control protection. It is important to be alert to any behavioral changes your teen may be exhibiting, such as mood changes, appetite and sleep pattern changes, and changes in appearance. Be prepared to have a conversation about these changes, but try to do so in a calm and non-combative manner. Remember, we want our children to trust our reactions. Otherwise, they may turn to a potential predator that reacts in all the right ways and says what your teen wants to hear.

Equipped with the right tools and knowledge and proper supervision, teens on Omegle can have fun learning about new people and new cultures. Remember to safe, vigilant, and informed!

E-Mail Marketing Success with Newsletters

A digital newsletter is a popular component of an effective marketing strategy. A well-executed newsletter conveys a substantial amount of information, helps drive traffic to your website, and creates awareness about your brand. Consumers today are pressed for time and overwhelmed by vast amounts of e-mail messages. A newsletter conveys information on promotions, company news, blog posts, product updates, and services in a simple and concise manner. It is a terrific way to inform your clients about your business and provide incentives for customer engagement.

One of the most important aspects of a newsletter is building strong relationships with clients by personalizing your message. Building trust with consumers is proven to increase conversions and brand loyalty. The Content Marketing Institute reports that 81% of business marketers use the e-mail newsletter for marketing as an effective means to connect with clients. E-mail newsletters can have a quantifiable impact on business performance. There are measurable goals through analytics such as subscribers’ growth, the open rate of e-mails, clicks, and conversion rates. These marketing metrics provide meaningful information and demonstrate the effectiveness of the campaign for your company.

Strategies for successful e-mail newsletter campaigns include:

• Provide links in the newsletter that bring interested readers to relevant sources on your website or blog.
• A “Frequently Asked Questions” section can provide educational information to a target audience.
• Use intriguing subject lines and eye-catching graphics that accurately reflect the content of the newsletter.
• Keep the content up-to-date, valuable, and relevant to your readers.
• The newsletter should display correctly on all devices.
• Strong Call-To-Action messages can encourage passive consumers to click links for more information or to complete surveys for company feedback.
• Entertaining tips and videos can capture the attention of your target audience.

Understanding your audience is key to keeping them engaged.

At Southern Cross Media, we turn branding into profit through creative strategies and personalized attention to our clients. We understand that e-mail newsletters have gained popularity as they nurture the personal connection with online clients. Statista, a company specializing in market and consumer data, reported in 2020 that there are 3.9 billion daily e-mail users. That number is expected to climb to 4 billion by 2023. As an internet marketing service, we know that marketing is both a science and an art. It is vital to pay attention to the analytics, including a focus on the details such as formatting, keywords in content, colors, and images.

While an engaging e-mail newsletter is a reliable and effective method for promoting a brand, it is only one marketing strategy segment. Our services at Southern Cross Media include website design and development, social media services, search engine optimization, PPC advertising, and engaging videos. We use the most innovative web technologies to make your brand a success.

Contact Southern Cross Media for all of your online business needs, including how to boost your client base and sales through e-mail marketing. We help start-ups and established companies build success. Call today at 321-351-3700.

Choosing a Website Design and Development Company

Your website’s design plays a crucial role in your marketing presence. It is the first impression of your brand to your online audience. If the website is visually appealing, viewers will likely stay on your page. If not, they will leave your page and possibly turn to a competitor. A well-designed website is informative and builds trust with your audience, resulting in potential leads for new customers.


Your website’s elements, such as carefully chosen keywords and phrases in the content, high-quality backlinks, compelling title tags, and meta descriptions maximize traffic to your site. Search engine optimization ensures that a website appears high on the list of rankings and visibility for consumers searching for products or services. Hiring a reputable company that employs numerous strategies to boost your site’s success is crucial in our technology-driven world.


Physical Features of a Well-Designed Website


Your website’s aesthetics, such as the fonts, formatting, styles, color layouts, crisp and vivid pictures should be consistent and convey a professional image. The navigation bar should stand-out and efficiently direct your audience to the information that they need. Today, there are many digital devices, such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, and desktop computers. Your website should appear orderly and be responsive to any device that consumers use. Keep in mind that mobile internet users surpass desktop users.


Photographs and videos are engaging tools and can increase conversion rates. It is reported than more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube daily. However, a cluttered appearance can be overwhelming for the viewer. Videos for testimonials, product demonstrations, educational purposes, or those that share a company’s culture are an effective means of capturing your audience’s attention and trust.


The website’s content should be clear, concise, and provide compelling information about your services or product. Call to Action buttons communicate what the user needs to do next. They should be highly visible, such as bright colors or large fonts. A site that loads slowly is frustrating to users, leading to a lack of sales conversions and a general loss of traffic.


The following tips will help you to choose the right company for your project:


  • There are advantages to hiring a website design and development agency that has experience in your industry. As a potential client, view websites they have built for others in the same field.
  • Ask for client references to get a first-hand accounting of their experiences working with the company.
  • As in any business transaction, communication is the key to success. Set up meetings with potential website design agencies to give you a sense of the agency’s culture and whether you are comfortable working with them. Website building is an interactive process, so you want to collaborate with a knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive agency.
  • A website company should have a system in place that measures site performance, optimizations, and improvements.
  • Ask about the timeline for the site’s completion and the company’s promptness when maintenance changes or updates to the site are needed after its completion.



Southern Cross Media can maximize your Online Presence.


Many clients wait too long to update their websites. A redesign or a new website can sound like a daunting task, but it is an investment in your future. Southern Cross Media is a locally owned company in Central Florida dedicated to providing superior services for our clients. We know this community and can represent your online goals and objectives, bringing the right customers to you. We offer creative solutions for every challenge with innovative web design, on-going web development, maintenance, and search engine optimization services.


Our clients are large and small business owners and professionals. The goal of Southern Cross Media is to make our clients competitive in the online market. We use the latest website design technologies and search engine optimization analytic tools to improve your conversion rates and customer retention.


   Call Southern Cross Media to discuss a redesign or the build of a new, engaging website. Let us be your creative voice. Our services also include social media management, pay per click marketing, and blog services. Call us today at 321-351-4054.





Doing Business in the Time of Covid-19

Business owners in every profession and industry have been struggling to find creative ways to meet the challenges of COVID-19. Global uncertainty has unnerved employers, employees, and consumers alike. Business owners are responsible for keeping employees and consumers safe, which is crucial for their business’s stability and the flourishing of the economy. While most non-essential businesses are struggling to stay afloat, many others have taken this opportunity to find creative strategies for continuity of services and success in a new world.

Keep your Audience Engaged!

Now is the time to build your audience. Many employers and employees are working remotely. Without recreational activities, they are spending most of their time online. Trusted relationships are the backbone of a business. Increasing your presence by connecting with your online audience is an opportunity to build your brand. Updating and redesigning your website attracts traffic and new customers. A website should have the latest and most relevant business information and address any COVID-19 modifications and precautions to help consumers feel safe.

A well thought out video on your website increases engagement with your audience. Video marketing of your product or services appeals to multiple senses. It is an excellent format for informing and educating.

Social Media Humanizes your Brand

Posting on social media platforms is an effective way to reach consumers and increase brand awareness. Interacting with consumers through social media helps to build your subscriber list and generate business. For example, in the food industry, your customers want to know your sanitation practices and how you are protecting vulnerable populations. They want to learn about your curbside pickup procedures and delivery services. They want to read other customers’ experiences with your establishment. These principles apply to other industries as well. Social media is the place to promote all of your safety measures and innovative practices. Whether it is government services or professional businesses, consumers want to be kept informed, and social media answers that call.

Technological Research and Development

Technology-driven solutions adapt to the challenges of COVID-19 and are introduced every day by entrepreneurs and corporations. Many options are available to provide a safe environment for your employees and consumers, as industries create ways to mitigate the virus’s spread.
Recent technologies such as contactless thermometers are utilized at most public locations. Virtual meetings are essential during these times to conduct business and are critical to the continuity of services. Drones are available to deliver medical supplies to prevent frontline workers from exposure. Telemedicine is used for remote patient monitoring. Advanced air filtration systems and ultraviolet lights for disinfection are engineered and upgraded to protect the public in schools, hospitals, and public buildings.

We are all in this Together

As business owners, your employees and your customers look to you for guidance during troubled times. Employers continue to seek innovative ways to support families and the economy during this public health and economic crisis. To assist with economic challenges, do not overlook government programs. The CARES Act was signed into law on 3/27/2020, instituting temporary assistance programs for businesses during COVID-19. These include the Paycheck Protection program, the Economic Injury Disaster Loans, Express Bridge Loans, and the Debt Relief Program. Details of these are found at

While COVID-19 and the disruption of business have had significant health and financial implications, our nation’s people are very resilient. Together, we will continue to investigate ways to adapt and find solutions to the challenges we face until the COVID-19 virus is eradicated.

Defining OTT Services

OTT is defined as video that is delivered over the internet independently of a traditional paid TV service, regardless of device. According to, they forecast that 61.7% of the US population will use OTT services this year. In contrast, connected TV refers to video watched on a TV set with internet connectivity. The video can be served by Smart TV or another device such as Blu-ray player, game console, or set-top boxes such as Roku or Google Chromecast. Connected TV refers to a device, making it a subset of OTT by these definitions.

What is OTT? Definitions for devices, content, and video
OTT and video are intertwined, yet they are not the same. OTT is a different channel through which video content is delivered to users. Video content can be viewed across any device, including computers, mobile devices, televisions, OTT devices, and more. OTT content is content that comes from an OTT content provider, such as sling TV. OTT content can be viewed on multiple devices. OTT devices are any devices that are not desktop, laptop, or mobile but are used to consume OTT content. Examples include smart TVs, Apple TVs, Chromecast, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Firesticks, and other streaming devices.

OTT Advertising
OTT advertising is delivered directly to viewers through streaming video services or devices, such as smart or connected TVs. This allows media companies and advertisers freedom of movement without broadcast schedules or geographic limitations. You could say that OTT advertising is reshaping the paid media landscape. OTT video stats show that viewing has gone mainstream in recent years, particularly for younger audiences who view from streaming services and OTT apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Plex, Pluto.TV, Vevo, and more. 60% of young adults say the way they watch TV is through streaming services, such as OTT apps. In correlation, advertising spending through the OTT ad is predicted to hit $2 billion in 2020, showing that advertising on streaming services is growing swiftly.

OTT Advertising Platforms
Brands investing in OTT video use a variety of different OTT distribution channels such as TV publishers, OTT native services, streaming linear services, and OTT devices. Some of the more popular OTT channels include Roku OTT Ads, Hulu OTT Ads, and Tubi OTT Ads.
Roku is a streaming device and platform with 37 million users, and it is one of the largest. Roku is considered one of the pioneers and leaders in OTT advertising. Roku’s native ad platform offers 15 and 30-second ad spots and interactive videos, overlays, and sponsorships. Hulu is the second-largest on-demand streaming service with over 29 million viewers. Hulu has its ad platform, which includes a set of options for bidding, targeting, measuring, and other ad types. Tubi TV advertising is another primary OTT channel, with over 25 million active users and content rights that span over 250 partners. Tubi’s ads platform offers 15-30 second ad spots that are non-skippable.

The Future of OTT
OTT is here to stay as traditional TV is losing viewers, adults are using streaming apps and ad-supported OTT services like Hulu, CBS All Access, Sling, and Pluto. By adding this new channel to your media mix, you will have enveloped a fantastic opportunity to target new audiences in a more modern way, ahead of competitors who are not as ad-savvy.

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Digital Marketing in the Era of Covid-19

The advent of Covid-19 has caused a catastrophic crisis, with global, financial, and humanitarian impacts, causing a shift in how we live, work, and interact. In the business world, this is the year that traditional marketing strategies cease to be effective. Traditional marketing venues, such as trade shows, exhibits, live conferences, and billboards have been discontinued due to this crisis, as business clientele are reluctant to meet with vendors and industry representatives in a face to face meeting. Now is the time to transform your marketing tools to strengthen your business and ensure ongoing operations. In this virus-conscious society, the digital marketing trend is making great strides. Regardless of your industry, digital marketing delivers strong marketing messages to your audience.


Websites, Social Media, and Videos are Powerful Tools to Generate Business

Whether you are an entrepreneur in a start-up business, a professional office, or a large corporation, social media can spread a message to your followers, producing instant feedback in the form of likes, views, clicks, and comments. By keeping your posts interesting and informative, you increase your brand recognition traffic, which can transform into profits. Social media platforms allow you to measure your brand awareness through analytics to follow your growth. Another benefit of social media is to drive traffic to your website. Research supports that customers today expect brands to have an online presence and they are reluctant to deal with companies that do not have a website. A well-written website goes a long way in building trust. Customers initially evaluate a company by the visual design and images on their website. Testimonials and reviews are valuable pieces of content that persuades clients to work with you or purchase from your company. Videography is a highly effective and versatile medium. It is proven to be successful when utilized on a website or social media platform. It allows your clientele to get to know you, further building trust. An informative and compelling video message is central to your marketing strategy plan. Research suggests that personalized videography in digital marketing is shaping the future of advertising.


Content Marketing helps to Improve Conversion Rates

Bill Gates, in 1996, wrote an essay titled “Content is King,” which was published on the Microsoft website. Today, that quote continues to hold true. Content is central to the success of a website, blog, or social media platform. Search engine optimization is the crucial element that catapults a brand to a high ranking on the internet, based on the usage and trends of specific keywords.


At Southern Cross Media, We are Leaders in Cutting Edge Digital Marketing

The co-founders of Southern Cross Media, Thomas Fritchek and Charles Kiester, have a total of 30 years combined experience in digital marketing. We offer unparalleled creative solutions in website development, branding strategies, and internet marketing. Our focus is to drive your brand’s visibility and to increase your audience and revenue. We research and analyze the current search engine optimization trends to implement the keywords in your website, blog, or social media posts to optimize your ranking. Our team is passionate about providing individualized and personalized attention to every detail in building a strategy for your business. As a locally owned company, we are attuned and responsive to our client’s needs and can get the job done. During this covid-19 pandemic, while your prospective customer base is home and working remotely, traffic to digital marketing sites has skyrocketed, driving new audiences and potential new customers. Now is the time to update or build your new website, or launch a social media campaign that will expand your business. Call us today to discuss our best practices for building a thriving audience. Our office is located in Maitland, Florida, and we can be contacted at 321-323-3706.

Your Voice

We’re​ ​passionate​ ​about​ ​helping​ ​you​ ​find​ ​your​ ​creative​ ​voice.
Founded​ ​in​ ​2016,​ ​we​ ​champion unique​ ​brands​ ​and​ ​bring​ ​them​ ​into​ ​the​ ​spotlight.

We​ ​leverage​ ​your​ ​business’​ ​strengths​ ​to​ ​build strategic​ ​road maps,​ ​and​ ​deliver​ ​the​ ​right​ ​customers​ ​to​ ​you.
​Our​ ​team​ ​offers​ ​unparalleled creative​ ​solutions​ ​to​ ​all​ ​of​ ​our​ ​clients,​ ​and​ ​is​ ​determined​ ​to​ ​see​ ​every​ ​job​ ​through​ ​to​ ​its​ ​success.

Our co founders, Tom Fritchek and Charles Kiester, spent nearly 30 years in the corporate world until one day they realized, “We can do this better!” They found that small business owners often feel the customer service from large corporate entities is lacking, and that they could create a company that speaks to what businesses want. So, Southern Cross Media was born with an eye toward providing excellent value, quality products, reasonable pricing, attention to detail, and great customer service by a small, locally owned company.

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