Whether you personally use Social Media or not, your business has to pay attention.

Consider the numbers:

  • There are over 1.49 billion Facebook users active monthly
  • 2.1 billion people are active on social media
  • The average user has 5 social media accounts
  • Over 70% of Americans look at their Facebook every day
  • Every second there are 6,000 tweets sent via Twitter
  • Out of every 5 minutes spent on a cell phone, 1 minute is on Facebook
Southern Cross Media|Social Media Advertising


Reach as many people as possible and do it effectively.

Provide useful solutions, share information and inform the market of the benefits of your services and why they should use you. Use demographics targeted tools to advertise to the right people, increase the amount of content on Google to appear in more searches.

Don’t stop paying attention to social media because everyday there are more people using it.

Sponsor ads having unique and informative content are the new ways to reach customers.

Social Media Optimization

Keeping content flowing to the various social media properties such as Facebook and Twitter is a gargantuan task. Most business owners recognize the importance this day and age of staying up to date with their social media presence, but will admit they do not have the time to do so themselves. We take a customized approach with every client to deliver fresh, unique messaging specific to your brand that showcases you as a thought leader in your industry and market.

Look no further than the digital strategy team at Southern Cross Media.

Before we even create an ad, we will discuss and agree on a call to action and design a click path that is most likely to convert digital traffic.

We measure the success of a paid search campaign on how well the ads drive the desired action.

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