Be Unique. Use Business Hashtags!

Using a Hashtag

Hashtags are keywords that aid search engine optimization across social media platforms. This tool can be valuable to any business because hashtags give businesses the ability to increase the reach of their posts to not just their followers but other users on that social platform. For example, any user who shares a post, story, or poll with a hashtag will appear as a recent post made for any other user searching or following that hashtag.

A Magic-Number of #Hashtags?
When it comes to using a hashtag, it can be hard to understand how many different keywords need to be used per post. Technically there is no exact number of hashtags that will guarantee any user more views, likes, or follows on a post. However, many influencers and top users on social platforms believe that posts need to have the ideal number of hashtags to get the most engagement.

According to an article published by Bustle, users are allowed a maximum of 30 hashtags on a social platform like Instagram. Yet, a cluster of keywords on a post does not always look visually appealing and again does not guarantee that the post will receive engagement from the online community. In addition, there have been studies revealing that the number of hashtags you or your business needs to use per post is unique to your social media.

The only way to understand how many hashtags you need to use is by testing out hashtags in posts. But there are clever ways of doing this.

Using hashtags without appearing overdramatic.

Like all things Instagram, hashtags should try to be visually appealing. Shorter posts should use a shorter number of keywords. Having more hashtags than the writing content on a post can appear as an imbalance and keep users from viewing, liking, or sharing posts with too many hashtags. There are even ways to use more hashtags without showing them.

Many users on Instagram comment on their post with either an emoji or something visually appealing to the post and then reply to that comment using a series of hashtags. Here is an example in this video posted by @claireliz_ on TikTok:

Additionally, a great way to increase views on Instagram posts is by sharing a photo or recent post to a story and listing the hashtags behind the image. on TikTok shared a tutorial on how to hide hashtags while boosting views to posts. Watch how it is done here:

Aside from hiding hashtags, all the hashtagged words have to adapt to the environment in which they are presented. Whether it be Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or Facebook, hashtags must be relevant to what you are posting about. Keywords should relate to what you are posting about, who you are posting with, and the atmosphere of the post itself. Take advantage of quirky holidays, media hijacking, popular trends, and working with other brands online.

Importance of #Hashtags

The goal of posting content online is to increase engagement on social media platforms between you and other users online and interact with people who want to work with your business. Social platforms are all about being a part of the community you want to engage with.

Making posts relatable to your followers and your followers’ followers shows you are active in the community. A hashtag can be the gateway to interacting with users in your local, state, and global community online.

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