Digital Marketing in the Era of Covid-19

The advent of Covid-19 has caused a catastrophic crisis, with global, financial, and humanitarian impacts, causing a shift in how we live, work, and interact. In the business world, this is the year that traditional marketing strategies cease to be effective. Traditional marketing venues, such as trade shows, exhibits, live conferences, and billboards have been discontinued due to this crisis, as business clientele are reluctant to meet with vendors and industry representatives in a face to face meeting. Now is the time to transform your marketing tools to strengthen your business and ensure ongoing operations. In this virus-conscious society, the digital marketing trend is making great strides. Regardless of your industry, digital marketing delivers strong marketing messages to your audience.


Websites, Social Media, and Videos are Powerful Tools to Generate Business

Whether you are an entrepreneur in a start-up business, a professional office, or a large corporation, social media can spread a message to your followers, producing instant feedback in the form of likes, views, clicks, and comments. By keeping your posts interesting and informative, you increase your brand recognition traffic, which can transform into profits. Social media platforms allow you to measure your brand awareness through analytics to follow your growth. Another benefit of social media is to drive traffic to your website. Research supports that customers today expect brands to have an online presence and they are reluctant to deal with companies that do not have a website. A well-written website goes a long way in building trust. Customers initially evaluate a company by the visual design and images on their website. Testimonials and reviews are valuable pieces of content that persuades clients to work with you or purchase from your company. Videography is a highly effective and versatile medium. It is proven to be successful when utilized on a website or social media platform. It allows your clientele to get to know you, further building trust. An informative and compelling video message is central to your marketing strategy plan. Research suggests that personalized videography in digital marketing is shaping the future of advertising.


Content Marketing helps to Improve Conversion Rates

Bill Gates, in 1996, wrote an essay titled “Content is King,” which was published on the Microsoft website. Today, that quote continues to hold true. Content is central to the success of a website, blog, or social media platform. Search engine optimization is the crucial element that catapults a brand to a high ranking on the internet, based on the usage and trends of specific keywords.


At Southern Cross Media, We are Leaders in Cutting Edge Digital Marketing

The co-founders of Southern Cross Media, Thomas Fritchek and Charles Kiester, have a total of 30 years combined experience in digital marketing. We offer unparalleled creative solutions in website development, branding strategies, and internet marketing. Our focus is to drive your brand’s visibility and to increase your audience and revenue. We research and analyze the current search engine optimization trends to implement the keywords in your website, blog, or social media posts to optimize your ranking. Our team is passionate about providing individualized and personalized attention to every detail in building a strategy for your business. As a locally owned company, we are attuned and responsive to our client’s needs and can get the job done. During this covid-19 pandemic, while your prospective customer base is home and working remotely, traffic to digital marketing sites has skyrocketed, driving new audiences and potential new customers. Now is the time to update or build your new website, or launch a social media campaign that will expand your business. Call us today to discuss our best practices for building a thriving audience. Our office is located in Maitland, Florida, and we can be contacted at 321-323-3706.

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