Doing Business in the Time of Covid-19

Business owners in every profession and industry have been struggling to find creative ways to meet the challenges of COVID-19. Global uncertainty has unnerved employers, employees, and consumers alike. Business owners are responsible for keeping employees and consumers safe, which is crucial for their business’s stability and the flourishing of the economy. While most non-essential businesses are struggling to stay afloat, many others have taken this opportunity to find creative strategies for continuity of services and success in a new world.

Keep your Audience Engaged!

Now is the time to build your audience. Many employers and employees are working remotely. Without recreational activities, they are spending most of their time online. Trusted relationships are the backbone of a business. Increasing your presence by connecting with your online audience is an opportunity to build your brand. Updating and redesigning your website attracts traffic and new customers. A website should have the latest and most relevant business information and address any COVID-19 modifications and precautions to help consumers feel safe.

A well thought out video on your website increases engagement with your audience. Video marketing of your product or services appeals to multiple senses. It is an excellent format for informing and educating.

Social Media Humanizes your Brand

Posting on social media platforms is an effective way to reach consumers and increase brand awareness. Interacting with consumers through social media helps to build your subscriber list and generate business. For example, in the food industry, your customers want to know your sanitation practices and how you are protecting vulnerable populations. They want to learn about your curbside pickup procedures and delivery services. They want to read other customers’ experiences with your establishment. These principles apply to other industries as well. Social media is the place to promote all of your safety measures and innovative practices. Whether it is government services or professional businesses, consumers want to be kept informed, and social media answers that call.

Technological Research and Development

Technology-driven solutions adapt to the challenges of COVID-19 and are introduced every day by entrepreneurs and corporations. Many options are available to provide a safe environment for your employees and consumers, as industries create ways to mitigate the virus’s spread.
Recent technologies such as contactless thermometers are utilized at most public locations. Virtual meetings are essential during these times to conduct business and are critical to the continuity of services. Drones are available to deliver medical supplies to prevent frontline workers from exposure. Telemedicine is used for remote patient monitoring. Advanced air filtration systems and ultraviolet lights for disinfection are engineered and upgraded to protect the public in schools, hospitals, and public buildings.

We are all in this Together

As business owners, your employees and your customers look to you for guidance during troubled times. Employers continue to seek innovative ways to support families and the economy during this public health and economic crisis. To assist with economic challenges, do not overlook government programs. The CARES Act was signed into law on 3/27/2020, instituting temporary assistance programs for businesses during COVID-19. These include the Paycheck Protection program, the Economic Injury Disaster Loans, Express Bridge Loans, and the Debt Relief Program. Details of these are found at

While COVID-19 and the disruption of business have had significant health and financial implications, our nation’s people are very resilient. Together, we will continue to investigate ways to adapt and find solutions to the challenges we face until the COVID-19 virus is eradicated.

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