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Most businesses have a philanthropy that involves giving back to the community or an organization that they share a connection with. Whether it is supporting a nonprofit organization or donating to a cause, there are an unlimited number of ways your business can do good this holiday season.

Community involvement can improve an organization’s relationship with current, past, and future clients while strengthening connections within other businesses in your community – not to mention supporting others in need. If you are supporting other entities through donations, services, or events, it is important to share that information with your audience.

What does doing good mean to you? 

Encouraging others to follow in your lead can help you to align with others that share the same altruistic values. This helps to identify loyal clients who are invested in more than your organization’s goods and services, but your mission statement as well. Aiding philanthropic organizations most importantly assists that nonprofit in achieving their mission, which can help you achieve your mission when others continue to support those philanthropies.

Showing off vs. Sharing News 

Sharing that your business is helping others can be a challenge – the goal is never to appear that the sole reason for aiding others is to benefit your business in the public eye. Discovering the balance of passing along information and stating it to all of your clients and partners is tricky. Establishing a tab on your website featuring the entities your organization has worked with, supported, or still supports is a way for anyone to access information that you are helping the less fortunate. Creating content for social media platforms is also a means of spreading the news, however, the writing style and visual content need to be material that will begin a conversation.

Whenever you sponsor a nonprofit or make a significant effort in aiding a cause your organization values, you should also seek media coverage. Local, regional, and national digital and print media companies are always in need of a story. Sharing your entity’s philanthropic support can shed light that your organization is doing good and bring attention to your business. 

Work With Us

Establishing a new web page, creating content, and having the contacts to be seen by the media can be challenging if you aren’t sure where to start. We are here to help! 

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