Linktree! What is that?!

Linktree is a media management tool for sharing links to different websites, articles, or social profiles. Specifically, Linktree is the way of connecting followers from one platform to another.

Linktree allows you to include one link anywhere on your social profile. Many users put this link in their “bio.” From this one link, any follower can directly find further information they are searching for about your business. Linktree establishes a solid connection for users on a social platform seeking further information and takes away the in-between steps of users searching for your website, Facebook page, Twitter, or other social media platforms.

According to the Linktree site, the management tool seeks to “not only point followers in the direction of your choosing — to your other social profiles, eCommerce store, or content you want to share — but it helps hold followers within your online ecosystem for longer. It allows users to share more, sell more, curate more, and grow more.”

Why is a seamless link connection meaningful?
As the Linktree site states, this is about maintaining your “online ecosystem.” It leads future customers directly to your business; it eliminates losing any potential business because of extra steps or a broken web link to find your business. This management tool is free and easy to use on your own as a business owner, or Southern Cross Media can have a team member manage this for you. Any user with Linktree can upload an unlimited number of links to external websites while having them all located in one place.

Distractify, an online publication and internet media company that focuses on news pop culture, recently published an article about Linktree being used by many prominent influencers on TikTok to include in their TikTok “bios.” The use of LinkTree, according to Distractify, sets apart “a TikTok pro and a TikTok novice.” A business can excel by enhancing their social pages with something as small as keeping all their links in one place. The same content that is attracting users to your company’s social pages is now going to bring them straight to the hub of your business and generate more traffic directly to the website.

Why work with Southern Cross Media?
Southern Cross Media specializes in finding what works best for your business, introducing innovative management tools and new social platforms, like LinkTree. Our organization can provide your entity with website design, content strategy, social media advertising, and more services that may interest your business. We are here to be the voice your company needs to succeed. Fill out the contact form on our website or call us today at (321) 351-4054 to speak with a team member.

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