Tips for Working with LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is a professional network, a social media platform that allows you to connect and network with possible business partners or competitors, current and potential employees. The platform is a way to share professional knowledge, news, and insights or what your business can bring to the table.

Often LinkedIn is seen as a job board site, which it can be, yet this is the chance for your business to not only search for potential employees but connect with other businesses like your own for collaboration and ideas. LinkedIn functions as a community that can bring jobs to those that are unemployed and continually act as a professional platform to share the unique offerings your business is doing with your clients.

From the bulletin board to the job board
LinkedIn is primarily a hub for career development as an individual user, acting as a virtual resume to employers. Yet, as a business entity, LinkedIn is an information board to broadcast your organization’s skills, values, and employees in an online space. Think of it as the bulletin board at a local restaurant – you used to leave your business cards there for residents to contact your company; now, you can do that online in a professional space.

One of the most critical parts of using LinkedIn is making sure your profile page and your business’s profile page are updated. You want to include your logo, what you do, what your business does, the location, media links to projects you have worked on, relevant hashtags or keywords that will bring other users to your profile page and the company’s profile page. You also want to connect with others and expand your network as much as possible and post to the site on a regular basis.

Marketing Solutions
LinkedIn is much more than another social media platform; it can be used as a toolbox for marketing your business online. The network comes with tools that allow any business to boost their posts, create event advertisements, and track the progress of a campaign launched on the platform. According to Business Insider, the tool for event advertising can highlight important details of the event and show to others if any of their connections have shown interest or will be attending the event.

Furthermore, Business Insider reports that the event analytic tool to view how far the reach of an event has gone and the engagement has taken place during the virtual or live event via LinkedIn. Virtual events have become more critical now than they have in the past due to the COVID-19 pandemic. LinkedIn supplies the tools to not only promote and host events online but to continue connecting your business to audiences, employees, and other entities locally, nationally, and globally on one platform.

Interested in LinkedIn, but unsure where to start?
Southern Cross Media will show you where to begin when managing a new social platform like LinkedIn. We want to help your business find the voice it needs to reach the right audiences; our services can further transition your business onto a new social platform. At Southern Cross Media, we offer blog services, web design, web video, content strategy, and many other services your company may be interested in using. Fill out the contact form on our website or call us today at (321) 351-4054 to speak with a member of our team.

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