You Have One Chance to Make a First Impression. Make Your Website Stand Out with Optimal Internet Speed.

Southern Cross Media | You Have One Chance to Make a First Impression. Make Your Website Stand Out with Optimal Internet Speed.

Website performance or speed is how quickly a browser can fully load functional webpages from its site. Sites loading quickly will typically have better conversation rates and receive more traffic. Poorly performing sites can drive users away when browsers are slow. Page speed optimization is essential, and speed matters; here’s why.

Website Speed is the First Impression

You have one chance to make a first impression, which is also vital on the web. Visitors make an instant judgment about your business and you. You’ve instantly made a solid first impression if your website loads fast. It’s pure psychology; your new customer is immediately happy if it loads fast. Fast websites are efficient, professional, and reliable, building consumer trust and confidence.

Mobile Speed Matters

Since most consumers use their cell phones exclusively for web browsing, mobile page speed optimization is essential. Users searching on mobile devices have their page rank calculated based on a site’s mobile page speed rather than the main website’s page speed. Website owners need to pay as much attention, if not more, to their mobile site’s speed. As the use of mobile search grows exponentially, the customer demand for information increases in the blink of an eye and demands instant gratification.

User Experience

One of the few ways websites can set themselves apart from the competition is user experience. It’s about creating a fantastic and straightforward experience for your visitors. If frustrated and confused with a slow website, trust in your website diminishes, along with your customer base and brand loyalty.

Slow Websites Kill User Interest

It’s known that 40% of visitors will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. If slow speeds drive people away, it’s driving your sales away. Customers won’t wait just one extra second for information to load; some prominent companies have tested this. One second can cost a large organization billions of dollars; slow websites can mean thousands of potential customers search and buy elsewhere.

Long-term Effect of a Slow Website Speed

With slow website speed, nearly half of your potential visitors have vanished. There can also be a long-term effect; long loading time stunts your business growth and word-of-mouth. Customers slowly stop referring your company to others due to poor experience. Established websites are less likely to link back to your company. Customers often link a slow website to a lack of credibility, which can hurt your brand in the long term.

Website Speed Affects Your Google Rank

Google has a confessed love of speed, striving to make the whole web fast. Google’s mission is to make the internet super speedy, helpful, and easily accessible. And to date, they are succeeding. Google takes into effect website load speed when ranking websites. Average websites won’t see much change, but you will suffer if your site is slow.

Let Southern Cross Media Help Your Website Speed Up and Stand Out

Your social media possibilities are endless, and Southern Cross Media can help your website stand out for success. We have 30 years of combined experience in website development, branding, strategy, and internet marketing to drive your visibility, deliver noticeable results, and increase your revenue. We specialize in finding what works best for your business, establishing new social platforms, and introducing innovative management tools. We invite you to call (321) 351-4054 to speak with a team member or contact us via our website. Let us help your business find its creative voice.

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