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Development Company Orlando

Southern Cross Media provides fully responsive, custom designs that will deliver results regardless of device.

Our team of innovators offer web design, web development, and SEO services to small businesses looking to make a large impact. We believe in giving small businesses the same tools as corporate entities so that they stand a chance in the competitive online market. We take the time to understand your business and who your customers are, as well as your target audience with the goal of transforming your vision from concept to reality on the desktop, tablet, and smart phone. The result is your digital brand, and what differentiates you from your competitors.

Southern Cross Media|Web Design & Development


We offer website design using WordPress, HTML5, and CSS3,all while utilizing techniques revolving around client satisfaction, high conversion rates, and customer retention.

Having a jaw dropping, cutting edge website is the first step toward the promotion of your brand, the attraction of new business clientele, and the attainment of additional leads.

Southern Cross Media offers one of a kind web design and development services, and we want to help you stake your claim in the online world of business.
Southern Cross Media|Web Design & Development


Our team of web developers have over 20 years of combined experience as users of the world wide web.

No one knows how to better design a “user entered” website than users themselves.

Much of a business’ outcome relies on the usability of their website, and an easily accessible and user-friendly design allows for positive results.

Let our team help you build a unique, engaging website that will exemplify your innovation and leadership within your industry.

Web Design
for All Platforms

Ensuring that your website is accessible from all devices will greatly increase your traffic.

You want to avoid customer frustration at all costs, so don’t allow potential customers to become impatient with a website that is not being responsive to a particular platform.

Having a website that is not accessible from certain devices like smartphones or tablets will prevent users from easily being able to find information they are seeking about your business. It will immediately have a negative effect on your customers as well as your conversion rates.

All websites designed by Southern Cross Media undergo extensive testing across all devices and browsers to ensure usability and accessibility. We give our word that only the best representation of your company will be presented to your users.

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